St Germain

Adameus is the higher self and Spirit name for our most popularly known beloved St. Germain. Adameus' first incarnation was as Joseph, Jesus' father. His second lifetime was as our magical and beloved Merlin, the world's favorite wizard.

Adameus had four walk-in lifetimes following his two incarnations as Joseph and Merlin. The first was Christopher Columbus followed by Shakespeare, Francis Bacon and lastly as St. Germain.

St. Germain was a human life that Adameus walked into when
Count St. Germain was in his early 30s. This was a soul swap
where the two souls agree that it is for the highest good of
humanity for this swap out to take place.

The channeled material of St. Germain from around the world
 is actually being issued from Adameus.

More can be learned about the circumstance of 'walk-ins' from part one of our book written under the authority of Adameus from the House Of Christ:
Soul Freedom – Exposing Darkness - Freedom from Enslavement and Manipulation of the Dark Forces. New Understandings of Reincarnation, Entity Attachments and Demon Possessions. (Soul Freedom Vol 1-3 Combined)
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Adameus' (St Germain's) Message of Nov 11 2016  following the Presidential Election:

"We will endeavor this day to correct the thinking of the masses, indeed. Those that believe the darkness has control of this planet. It is not so. It is to open our hearts and our minds to see the truth that we may endeavor to open to the flow of our dictators love. Indeed, this is the only dictatorship beloved's, that is God/Goddess. It dictates only love and gives us free will choice to accept this flow of love or to deny it. It is our choice indeed and we will always endeavor to receive as we can, as we may, as we allow this light to flood our consciousness with beauty, with joy and enlightenment. It is so.

Fear? Oh my. It is so dark and so ugly, is it not? Why do we choose this beloved's?  Because we have given our power away to fear and to those who would manipulate us and indeed, enslave us to the extent that we allow this planet to be ruled by fear, by darkness. These are falsehoods. These are errors upon the universe. We must correct this error, beloved's. And we can do so collectively as we rise in our numbers of light workers, teachers, healers, priests and ministers. These are all lighted ones that endeavor to spread this light. Let us endeavor to listen to hope, to claim our birthrights beloveds of joy and beauty of creation. We are co-creators indeed. Will we create light, love, beauty? Can we? Of course we can and we will. And we will collectively beloveds, for we hear this light and we long for this light today and every day! Insist upon this beloveds. Change your minds en masse so that we may rule this planet in the light and eliminate this darkness for once and for all. These are the words I deliver this day beloveds. Take heed, indeed, and know you are profoundly loved on every level."

Through the message of Soul Freedom – Darkness Exposed we bring light to the subject of the Dark Forces and offer solutions to those who are personally and spiritually afflicted. Learn new understandings on reincarnation, entity attachments and demon possessions. Knowledge is power. Book Link:
Adameus (St Germain)  Great Earth Changes Sept 2015
Many are concerned that as the Earth Ascends it is splitting off into a new planet leaving the old darker populated planet behind. Adameus clarifies this common misperception. This is Rise's 1ST public channeling of Adameus/St Germain.

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Adameus (St Germain) Soul Freedom - Exposing Darkness

Adameus' (St Germain) Book: Soul Freedom – Exposing Darkness - Freedom from Enslavement and Manipulation of the Dark Forces. New Understandings on Reincarnation, Entity Attachments and Demon Possessions. Channeled message paraphrased: The world has been under a spell of darkness and fear for thousands of years and this is perpetuated today in our homes and theaters where billions of us are enticed to view horror, murder and disaster programming to stunt our growth and keep us in the dark. Through the message of Soul Freedom – Darkness Exposed we bring light to the subject of the Dark Forces and offer solutions to those who are personally and spiritually afflicted. Knowledge is power! Book Link:
Adameus' (St Germain's) Message on Reincarnation
Reincarnation – The Four Factors
Soul Freedom Vol 1

Book link:

Adameus' (St Germain's) Message on Demons
Demons – True or False? A Return to Love - Possession - Purpose, Symptoms and Exorcism - Soul Freedom Vol 2

Book Link:
Adameus' (St Germain's) Message on Entity Attachments
Entity Removal - Self-Help Procedure - The ABC of Releasing Spirit Attachments for Do It Yourselfers – Soul Freedom Vol 3

Book Link:
Ascension - A Beginners path under the tutelage of Adameus (St Germain)

Guide Lights – Attune To Your Angels and Spirit Guides 
Begin To Heal Your Life And Move Towards Your Soul Purpose

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Medium and Author Rise’ (Resa) Harrington has developed shared teachings from her own life experiences. These include the uphill climb from birth and trauma entity attachments, identity confusion, early childhood sexual molestation and multiple Demonic possession attempts. Her material is expanded by the shared experiences with hundreds of clients in her Mediumship Light Works.
Rise' receives higher metaphysical instruction and guidance from her Angels, Spirit Guides and the Ascended Masters. She began her climb into the light through her spiritual studies that enabled her own spiritual healing processes and culminated in the publication of her first book Guide Lights - Attune to Your Angels and Spirit Guides. This book documents the path that Rise' developed in healing her entity attachments by rising from the darkness into the light and growing vibrationally through the years beyond reach of the dark and Demonic factors. This  makes her an effective mentor and healer for people with attachments, possessions and hauntings to raise themselves vibrationally in the same manner and to evolve into their highest expressions of soul self.

Rise' has practiced mediumship with the focus on understanding and assisting the Lost Soul population in the astral realms since 1999. She went public in her Mediumship Practice in 2013 offering Diagnostic Readings for Lost Soul Entity and Demonic Hauntings, Attachment and Possession with recommended treatment. She also offers Angel and Spirit Guide readings.
Rise’s spiritual life path has been greatly influenced by her 20 years of mostly career related world travels to the Far East, Europe and Egypt. Rise’ is a certified Medium at Angel University and a Minister of the Universal Life Church. She was raised in Los Gatos, California and now resides in San Diego County California.
She has been channeling Adameus (St Germain) privately for more than15 years and most recently has begun  publicly channeling his  higher self Spirit name Adameus.

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